Monday, July 2, 2012

Why $1.00 Pizza Joints in NYC Are A Bad Trend That I Hope Goes Away Soon

$1.00 slices of Pizza stink, and that's a fact. Why you ask? Because this is freaking New York City, that's why! This isn't the middle of the country (no offense to the middle of the country,) we are the Mecca of Pizza in the United States, it's where American style Pizza was created, or as it's now referred to as New York Style Pizza! Sure Chicago has deep dish, and New England has it's own style, those are good in their own right. I'm not debating whether other parts of the country have good pizza, we are talking about substandard Pizza in the City of New York being pawned off as New York City Pizza.
I was looking at reviews of one of the worst offenders, in my opinion, Two Bros. Pizza, with several locations around the city. One review read..."Two Brothers beats out Dominos and Pizza Hut big time!" I rest my case. Most of the other reviews were all the same, great pizza for a $1, so I think if that's what makes you happy then so be it.
At first glance Two Bros might to appear to be a genuine NY Pizza Parlor with it's NY sounding name, but that's where any comparisons end.  The crust is not genuine NY crust. The sauce is of the Ragu variety, and the cheese is probably the no-name brand you find at the supermarket. Harsh, maybe, but definitely a reality. You see price can sway certain peoples taste buds, especially those on a tight budget. I was there my friends, back in college living in apartments that I shared with others because I couldn't have afforded to live their otherwise. Dollar Pizza would have been attractive to me back then, but I never would have considered it real NYC Pizza, never.
I think maybe I'm a bit of a Pizza snob, I want to eat the best tasting Pizza as often as possible even if it costs me a few extra bucks. Am I alone in this? No, I don't think so. Most people understand what good Pizza is and see the $1.00 joints as something less than good. Here's another take on it. A genuine Pizza place in NYC does not offer Fried Chicken, Rice, French Fries, and other various non-Italian items. Pizza does not have to be simply 'Italian' to be good, it's not what I am saying. I just think that to make good Pizza it has to be a priority with high quality ingredients that are fresh. $1.00 Pizza places don't offer this. Don't be fooled into thinking you are getting quality, or anything other than to simply take your money.

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