Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Food Truck Rally Was Terrifically Delicious! Part II

Ok, now we are getting down and dirty...not dirty as in food of course. The highlight of the day (for lunch, not dessert,) was the Kimchi Taco Truck, and let me put it to you this way, the food we ate was the best Food Truck Food that I have ever eaten, seriously. It's not even close. We ordered a slew of dishes starting with the Korean BBQ Beef Short Rib and Seared Spicy Pork Tacos. Every single bite was tasty and scrumptious, even the little Corn Tortillas were something of a treat. Really it was the mix of all the ingredients that made it such a treat. Next up was the absolutely stunning Spicy Grilled Chicken Kimchi Bowl and if I had been able to, I would have snagged this from my wife's hand to eat the whole thing myself. It was not meant to be. The far too few fork-fulls that I did manage to get were a perfect mix of flavors similar to the Taco's, but far exceeding them in overall taste. There were so many good things about the dish...the Rice, the Kimchi, Pickled Daikon (whatever that is it was delicious,) Kimchi Slaw and Cucumber Kimchi, it's almost too much when you see it all typed out. To top it all off we also ordered some of their homemade fresh Kimchi, like there was any doubt when the truck is called Kimchi. This is what being a foodie is all about. Taking the family to a place to find exclusive and unique eats that maybe none of us would have if we didn't go, then finding an outstanding truck like the Kimchi Taco truck makes it all worth it. Not to say the other trucks didn't impress, of course...

My choice was premeditated. Right from the get-go I'd been hankering for the Mexicue Truck since it seemingly had avoided me for the past couple of years. Of course I don't mean it really avoided me, It's just that every time I've planned on grabbing some food from their truck something has always gotten in the way. Whether it be a schedule change or weather or something like that, our paths had yet to cross...until today. By the time it had come for me to pick up my food, everyone else was already sitting down to eat their choices, and unfortunately it made me rush. I quickly, and hastily, only selected two of their Tacos...BBQ Short Rib and Chicken, not taking the time to maybe choose something else as well. Suffice it to say they were some delicious Tacos that I shoved into my mouth. I will say that I should have drizzled some of Mexicue's sauce that they had on their counter, but I'll blame that on trying to hurry over to the family. No matter. I added a Mexican Bottled Coca-Cola to the meal, and if you have never had one, it's an amazing difference to the junk that they can and bottle in this country. As for overall satisfaction I'd say I was satisfied and will certainly give them another try because I just have this feeling...

Last but not least was the Lobster Roll that my wife's aunt had from the Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck (fondly known as 'Big Red'), $16 bucks worth! Pricey you may say, but for the quality of the Lobster it was well worth it. She got it 'Maine Style' in which the Lobster is tossed in light homemade Mayo, topped with scallions, and then stuffed into a top-split roll. This roll was as good as any I have ever tried, including ones I have eaten up in Cape Cod.

A pretty awesome day. Not only was the food great but the setting was just as good. Grand Army Plaza is the perfect setting, with it's eclectic mix of architecture and glorious sculptures honoring the past, it was an honor to be there...oh and filling too!


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