Saturday, July 14, 2012

NYC's Cheapest Foods Are Generally Bad

Piggy-backing on my $1.00 Pizza rant (It sucks,) comes a great article from NY Mag where they search the city for cheap foods and do a taste test. Well let me tell you, it didn't go well. Cheap food, while easy on the wallet, is not so easy on the taste buds, or the stomach for that matter. Sure there are probably a few cheap treats that satisfy, but the general consensus is that they are sub-standard. Basically it's bad food that's unhealthy.
Don't be fooled people, it's a story that's too good to be true. Dollar Pizza, Hot Dogs, Bagels from that cart next to your job, a Hamburger from the deli around the corner....the list goes on and on. Also a lot of these cheap food items are from street vendors, but please don't confuse them with some of the high quality Food Trucks that serve NY. Just like with anything, it's up to you to find quality. Click the link below to read the article from NY Mag: 

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