Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh No! Nathan's Famous Is Changing Their French Fries!

What?! Nathan's is changing their famous French Fries! How can they do this? Don't they know what this will do to the world we live in? Mountains will crumble! Seas will dry up! People everywhere will run around naked screaming at the top of their lungs! Why? Why? Why?

Wait a minute...they're only changing from their usual Maine Potato to Russets because of a shortage? Really, that's it? That seems like a lot of fuss for nothing. Well not exactly. Apparently a bunch of regulars to the original branch on Surf Ave in Coney Island noticed the difference immediately, a few of them even refused to ever buy them again. The nerve. The Katahdin Maine potatoes have less starch in them which means the Fries are a bit sweeter and are a little darker. Russets are very common in terms of French Fry use, but they are high in starch and can seem dry, so to someone that is used to the flavor would actually notice.

It would appear that Nathan's was trying to pull a fast one on their fans even though they knew they'd be back using the Maine Potatoes within a month. I guess the shortage didn't last too long, besides everyone knows the real difference is that the Fries are crinkle cut. Jeez...

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