Tuesday, July 17, 2012

McDonalds Has A Monopoly On French Fries At The Olympics

If you are going to the Olympics this summer I hope you like McDonald's French Fries, because there the only ones you're gonna get. McDonald's signed an exclusive rights deal with the Olympic organizers to be the only company to be able to sell French Fries at this years London Summer Olympics. It's a monopoly I tell you! I have to wonder how on Earth could the English let this happen? First there was the outcry from some US politicians (politicians are funny) that the USA Olympic uniforms were not actually made in the US (Oh NO!,) and now this? The hypocrisy! What a world! Seriously though, what if I don't like McDonald's Fries and I want to eat some at the Olympics? Wait a minute. It is the Olympics isn't it, where athletes have trained for years to be in tip top shape to try and win a medal, and they're serving McDonald's? I get it, the food is for all the unhealthy people sitting in the stands, gotcha. You'd think that the food at the Olympics would be all fresh and filled with good ingredients. Super duper shakes with vitamins that make you feel like you could run a marathon. Nope. I'm sure McDonald's is gonna pay Michael Phelps a ton of money to stand on a diving board with a Cheeseburger in his mouth proclaiming that's all he eats when he trains. Whoops, he already does that for Subway. Eat Fresh!

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