Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two New UN-Frozen Yogurt Places Opening Up In NYC

Frozen Yogurt shops have been opening up all over the City these days. Whether it's Pinkberry, O Red Mango, FlavaBoom, 16 Handles, Berrywild, Eskimix, Holey Cream!, Peaches, or Yorganic, Frozen Yogurt has taken the City by storm. So it should come as no surprise that two new Frozen Yogurt places are entering the fray. Wait, did I cross out Frozen? Yes, in fact I did. These two new establishments will be selling Yogurt without it being frozen. Unique you say? Yes, indeed it is. The first shop which just opened on Monday is called the Yogurt Culture Company and is a subsidiary of Dannon Yogurt. Obviously Dannon has been synonymous with Yogurt in the country for years, but this new venture is a step back to the basics. In a statement Michael Neuwirth, the public relations director of Dannon, said..."It emphasizes the real yogurt, not a sweet product. We believe yogurt is an ideal food. It's high in protein, easy to eat and really doesn't need much sweetening." When they say basic they mean it. There are four choices: Regular, Greek, Whole and Skim. The regular Yogurt is made in White Plains, NY, and the Greek from Pennsylvania. A cup of the delicious Yogurt is a whopping $5.49, but can be dressed with a slew of free toppings. The Yogurt can also be blended with a sweetened fruit puree or honey. Strictly on the down-low, they will also be selling Frozen Yogurt and a multitude of other delicious foods which you can find out more about on their website:


The Yogurt Culture Company is at 125 Park Ave at 41st Street and is open from 7 to 7 M-F, 8-7 on the weekends.

The other new shop is Chobani SoHo, also a familiar name in the Yogurt biz, known for it's top-selling Greek Yogurt, but won't open for another month. This shop will be very Mediterranean inspired with toppings like figs, pistachios and honey. It will also feature some of it's own unique blends like Yogurt with Toasted Coconut and Pineapple, scattered with Hazelnuts and sweetened with Agave. Yum! Also available at the shop will be a pantry section filled with many Mediterranean ingredients like Oils, Spreads and Nuts. Chobani will be a take-out only shop and will only use it's own Greek Yogurt that is made in a factory in upstate NY. Store hours and prices have yet to be determined and they will not sell Frozen Yogurt. So look out for updates as I will be keeping an eye on the progress.
I must say these two shops are an exciting entry into the Yogurt phenomenon happening here in NYC, even if it's not of the frozen variety. Honestly for most people they may be a tough sell at first but I believe people are always looking for something delicious and unique whether it be for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Frozen Yogurt only has a shelf life, in business terms, of a couple of months in the city   due to the weather. Once September hits most people turn their attention to warmer things, or at least things that don't make them cold when they eat it. While the prices may seem a bit high, most people will feel it's more about the quality and will understand the value they are getting. Only time will tell of course, but I can't wait to get a taste of some fresh Yogurt at one of these fine establishments.

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