Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Food Truck Rally Was Terrifically Delicious! Part I

I really love planning a day around food especially if it takes me to a part of town that I've rarely spent any time in. Today was a trip to Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park to join in on an amazing Food Truck Rally with an array of incredible eats. I mean what better way to spend a sweltering, sticky and gross day in the wonderful Borough of Brooklyn! Man was it hot. Add in the fact that we were standing in the middle of sixteen food trucks pumping out additional it was hot.
My main goal, other than stuffing my face, was to finally (FINALLY!) try the Ice Cream Sammies (sandwiches) from Cool Haus, especially their crazy Fried Chicken and Waffles sandwich. Oh Yeah!
So we'll start there...
Ok, so they didn't have the Fried Chicken and Waffles at the Park today (I'm crying on the inside,) so I had to settle for Beer and Pretzels with Snickerdoodle cookies. Settle is a bad word since I devoured it in time to finish my sons Ice Cream sandwich. His was an amazing Banana Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip Cookies...
Can I just say the Ice Cream was wonderful and the flavors were so right on the money that I can only describe it have to try it for yourself to believe it. I also recommend the Root Beer Ice Cream because the flavor was like you were eating it right out of the joke. Cool Haus was also auditioning their new milkshakes, but I was way too full at that point to give them a try.
Ok so let's rewind a bit back to the main courses of the day. Here's a tip...always take extra family members to food festivals, or Food Truck Rallies, because it gives you the opportunity to try more than you can actually eat. However you must make sure to influence everyone into getting something different so that they all don't go for the Pizza, which we'll get to in a minute.

The day started with an innocent tour of the various vehicles parked at the top of Prospect Park, checking each and every menu just to make sure we weren't missing anything. Of course having the kids along means that they have to be taken care of first...
Oh Snap! No I mean the SNAP hotdog truck that my daughter got that Chili Dog at. Oh man, so delicious, Chili was pretty good, but I only was allowed a smidgen...darn kids! A little disappointing that they didn't have the Belgian Fries ready, I really wanted to try them, especially since they use the leftover Peanut Oil to fuel their truck! That's totally cool.
This Pizza is from Eddie's Pizza NY, and it is the only thing my son wanted eat. I have to admit that I was totally surprised he wanted Meatball on top because all he ever wants is plain. Either Noodles, Pasta, Pizza or Chicken Nuggets, the boy is particular. I am thankful though because he never eats his crust, and I'm the crust eater. I was able to weasel one slice after bribing him that I'd buy him that Spiderman wrist shooter thing at the toy have to be firm in these matters. Overall a very good Pizza Pie with an extra thin crust and very tasty sauce. Me, I prefer the traditional NYC Pizza, but this wasn't far off, and boy did my son tear through it!

Part II of our trip to the Food Truck Rally coming soon...

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