Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pulled Pork Sandwich at the House Of Blues on July 4th, In Atlantic City

This picture was the best thing about spending July 4th in Atlantic City. I'm not a gambler, but when the family came to me and asked if we'd liked to join them in AC for the 4th I said ok. I really don't understand the attraction, the place is a dump. My kids were really the only ones excited to even be there, of course all you have to do is show them someplace new and they go crazy. They don't see what I see. They see the They see rides and a carnival...oh boy. I see way too many undesirable people crowding the boardwalk, and wonder where on Earth did they buy their clothes? Did they look in the mirror? Ok, a bit off topic, but I can't help it. Smoke filled casinos, overstuffed garbage cans, horrid traffic, scammers, and drunks...what's not to love?
So after a trip to the lovely beach in front of the Resorts Hotel and Casino (where the family had gotten a room,) we returned to the room to wash up and go out to dinner. Obviously there are plenty of places to eat all along the boardwalk, especially if you want to eat at a chain restaurant, which I do not. However, when in Rome...
We walked for a bit until we came to the House of Blues where we saw Johnny Rockets, but I wasn't feeling a burger joint, I just simply wanted more of a variety. Inside was another choice,  the House of Blues own restaurant, with a more diverse menu that would appeal to everyone. Now I wasn't expecting an amazing meal, nor did I get one, but you know without the expectations it wasn't too bad at all. There were several choices that I was looking at:

A Juicy Lucy Burger (I know I said I didn't want a Burger, but it was a Juicy Lucy!)

A Pulled Pork Sandwich

A Classic Club

It's pretty clear that I wasn't going out of my comfort zone, which means that I get a Sandwich. In my opinion it's a lot harder for a restaurant to get one wrong, but it's also something that I know right away whether I like it or not. Again I think I'm pretty easy to please as long as I'm good with all the ingredients. So in this case I went for the Pulled Pork Sandwich. Nothing crazy about it. Bread and Pulled Pork. Not so tasty Cole Slaw and a small Bucket of Fries on the side. It was delicious but again it was really a basic...they didn't put anything else on the Sandwich, and that could have been an opportunity. The Fries were excellent, extra crunchy with just the right amount of salt.
As for the rest of the dishes on the table my favorite was the Bacon topped, Mashed Potatoes. Another standout was a scrumptious Mac 'n Cheese, and believe me when I say this, I don't like traditional Mac 'n Cheese. Weird I know.
Overall the meal was a satisfying one, however it's not something I am going to revisit. That's more because I do not intend to go back to Atlantic City anytime soon, and if I do it will because I will be forced to do so...

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