Monday, July 2, 2012

If This Oreo Cookie Offends You, Then You Have Serious Problems...

People are boycotting Oreo's because of this? Because the company decided to show support of people, people who live and breath who deserve every right that anyone else on the planet deserves? Things apparently never change. I didn't create this blog to be political or to debate religious issues, but who am I to tell someone else how to live. Here is just a sampling of some of the comments that were posted due to this ad:

"This is absolutely disgusting. Your attempt to 'normalize' the behaviour of homosexuals has cost you a customer,"
"Disliked Oreo page just because of this one post. Think about how much business u just killed oreo,” wrote another. “I can't support a business that supports gays.”
"No. I do *not* hate gay people. I am not a "homophobe" … "I am against the lifestyle choice, however. It goes against Biblical principals and against how nature intended…That being said, I refuse to support the lifestyle or what Oreo/Kraft is doing. So I have decided to not buy their products."
Some people just need to wake up. Life is not about hating on other people for how they choose to live their lives. If you believe in something whether it be politically, religiously, or simply that's just how you were brought up, fine. Just don't think that you have the right to tell someone else that they are not normal, because honestly that's just an opinion.

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