Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cool Haus NY, For Me, The Best Ice Cream Sandwiches In New York

A few weeks back I posted an article from the NY Daily News that proclaimed the best Ice Cream sandwich in NYC was the Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream sandwich from the Chelsea Pizza Parlor, Donatella. In that same article, in second place, Cool Haus NY was singled out for having some of the biggest and tastiest Ice Cream sandwiches in the city, and I was immediately intrigued. Up until this past Sunday I had yet to make my way to one of their 3 carts in the city, and maybe that sounds like I wasn't trying hard enough, but in my world...good things come to those who wait. I certainly could have rushed over and grabbed one of their 'Sammies' to scarf down all by myself, but what's the fun in that? To me Ice Cream is something to be shared or experienced with others, especially children, and I'm no different. Both of my children would have been pretty upset with me if they had found out that I had gone to Cool Haus without them. Of course I could have lied to them, but I wouldn't have been able to live with myself, besides I already lie to them about going to the movies without them.
Rewind to Sunday when I took the family to the Food Truck Rally in Prospect Park, where 16 of the most delicious Food Trucks in the City were offering their wares. All I wanted was Cool Haus, plain and simple. Sure there was lots to eat, and I ate a lot, but to me one truck stood high above the rest. Nothing so sweet and delicious could ever come without a bit of disappointment because I was hoping to try their Fried Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream, but it was not on the menu. So sad. Life is like that I guess, kind of like Sweet and Sour Chicken at a Chinese restaurant. There wouldn't be happy without a whole lot of sad. OK, I'm overdoing it, but that's how I roll.
Undeterred I perused their menu for the next best thing while my kids screamed out their choices. "I want Chocolate Chip Cookies!" Said my youngest, which was seconded by my Daughter who is four years older. "What Ice Cream do you want guys?" I said calmly pointing to all the choices posted on the side of the truck. My son looked at me with a puzzled look and said..."But Daddy you know I can't read." Of course he can read, he just wanted me to read it for him. We decided on the Banana Ice Cream with some kind of Liquor in it, though I didn't tell him, and my Daughter chose the Root Beer, which would have been my third choice. Mine was the obvious pick, and I'm never one to just go for the simple, however I have often contradicted myself when there is so much to choose from. There it was, staring me right in the eye with a neon sign hanging above it screaming...'EAT ME!' There wasn't a sign, I was imagining that. Anyway I landed on Beer and Pretzel Ice Cream with two Snickerdoodle Cookies to complete the sandwich.
I gotta say that the first thing that amazed me wasn't the size of the sandwiches, but with the absolutely spot on flavor of each and every one. The Beer and Pretzel tasted like Beer and Pretzels. The Root Beer tasted like Root Berry. The Snozzberries tasted like Snozzberries! Oh sorry, that's from Willy Wonka, I do get carried away sometimes. Seriously though it's all about the flavor.
Then of course there's the presentation. When they hand you the just made sandwich it's like a gift from the Ice Cream Gods, wrapped in a freakishly edible piece of paper. Paper doesn't sound to appetizing, does it. Let's just call it a wrapper, but it is essential. Speedy consumption is certainly recommended since the Ice Cream melts pretty fast, but that's all part of the fun. Then there's always the fact that my Son will not finish his whole sandwich, which ultimately means I have to eat the rest. What a burden.
$6 bucks a pop might sound like a lot, and for some people it might just be. However, and I've made this point many times before, when you consider the quality, the flavor, and the presentation, there's no denying that Cool Haus NY is well worth it. There is also no doubt that I won't be completely happy until I try that Fried Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream, and I won't sleep a wink until I do! OK, that's a lie.

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