Wednesday, July 25, 2012, Where One Goes To Get A Taste Of The Food They Eat In The Movies

Ever get hungry during a movie scene when they are eating? Ever wonder how to make it? The photo above is from a scene in Goodfellas in which the boys make a surprise visit to Tommy's mothers house after they killed Billy Bats in Henry's nightclub. Let's just say I've seen the movie a couple of times. Anyway, in this scene, Tommy's mom (In a typical Italian mothers way) prepares an entire meal in the middle of the night because she thinks her son is hungry. Unfortunately Robert DeNiro, playing an Irishman, dumps a heaping glob of ketchup on his pasta (sacrilege!) pretty much ruining the delicious plate of Spaghetti in front of him...

Well, ketchup on pasta aside, if you ever want a recipe from a movie just head on over to where you might just find what you're hungry for. Started two years ago by Romain Vetter because he wanted to combine his three loves: Eating, Cooking and Movies. Of course I had to put the site to a test and I must say it passed with flying colors!

The test was to see if my favorite Food movie was represented, which is Big Night with Tony Shaloub and Stanley Tucci. Thankfully the recipe for 'Timpano' is there and that to me shows that someone is paying attention. If you haven't seen the movie you have really missed a great one, see it now!

Check the link below to see a write up about the site from the Daily News:

Also in researching the site I found this blog also dedicated to food in movies:

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