Sunday, May 30, 2010

Peking Duck House: What If I Don't Like Duck?

I certainly wasn't going to tell this guy I didn't eat duck, I was afraid he might have gone into a rage and chopped me up with his gigantic cleaver, so I kept it quiet. It was interesting to watch however. Another day another meal on the company at Peking Duck House at 28 Mott Street in Chinatown. This time it was a company lunch and my boss led us to this destination but I wasn't complaining. Now I have a unique perspective on Asian fare in the Chinatown area since I am married to a wonderful Chinese woman. She feels that most restaurants in that area strictly cater to the tourists so we don't often eat there. It's much like eating Italian food in little Italy, it's good but if you want authentic you go to Brooklyn or the Bronx. So when my boss said where we were going I was a little skeptical of his choice and thought that maybe I should suggest another location, then again I do write a food blog so it was better not to say anything and just give it a try. Of course everyone else wanted the duck, so I felt a bit left out but fortunately we ordered several other dishes so I wouldn't leave hungry. We got General Tso's Chicken, Chicken and Broccoli, Sauteed Prawns with Ginger and Scallions and House Special Fried Rice. I also ordered a Wonton Soup because to me the quality of the Wontons usually gives an indication of how good the restaurant will be. Before the soup arrived we were served an appetizer sampling of a Spring Roll, a Steak Skewer and a Steamed Dumpling which I ate rather fast but was underwhelmed nonetheless, very ordinary. The soup was similarly disappointing, not that I didn't pick up the bowl and drink the whole thing, but the Wontons were average. The problem with the Wontons was their wrapping, it was too thick and it over powered the filling. You will find similar Wontons at all the fast food Chinese places in the city. After watching everyone else gush about the fabulous Duck the waiter brought over the other dishes and overall not too bad. The Fried Rice was the stand out and tasted super fresh with lots of Peas, Eggs, Onions and delicious pieces of various meats, it was too bad I had to share otherwise I would have eaten the whole plate. General Tso's Chicken has always been a favorite of mine, there just wasn't enough of it, so I only had a couple of pieces which were good. Chicken and Broccoli is Chicken and's never fantastic but I had my fair share. The Sauteed Prawns were very interesting and I really liked the taste of them but it seemed that I was the only one who did. Overall a satisfactory experience but not a place I will be visiting again mostly because there are so many better options in the city plus the guy with the cleaver was eyeballing me on the way out.

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