Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Market Week: Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

To be a true foodie you must be able to travel anywhere in the city to find great food and/or a great market and in this case Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Not just simply an indoor market, Arthur Avenue is an entire community that is also known as the Little Italy of the Bronx. Don't be scared. For most New Yorkers the Bronx is like an uncharted alien (no pun intended) world that might be a bit scary to visit other than say the Bronx Zoo, but not to worry Arthur Ave is right next door! Honestly this is a food lovers dream with so much to eat and see you will be amazed.
There is of course the Arthur Avenue Market, the first indoor market in the borough, that is the center of this vibrant area. Fresh vegetables, fresh meats, cheeses, pizza, olive oil, gelato, pastas and much more. But that is just part of the experience. Littering the surrounding area are tons of great bakeries, meat stores, fresh seafood places and restaurants that can make it an all day affair. Some of my favorites are: Terranova Bakery, Teitel Brothers, Mike's Deli, Dominick's Restaurant, Calabria Pork Store and many more.
What I remember most, the memories that I am the fondest of, are the days I went to the market with my mother. We'd walk the entire market saying hello to all the people, the vendors who she had bought from hundreds of times. They all knew exactly what she came for. The place had a very distinct smell and a very small town feel. My sister and I would walk around looking for blank tapes, candy, gum and various knick knacks all while my Mom collected more bags. We were sure to avoid the meat counter with it's pig heads and feet plus the chilled calf brains, yuck! So for all you foodies out there in search of a shopping experience like no other, take the time to travel up to the Belmont section of the Bronx and experience a hidden gem of New York City.

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