Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Market Week: Trader Joe's

I know what you are gonna say, Trader Joe's is not New York, yes I know this. But does everything in New York have to be New York? I say as long as it is a good place to shop and they have good foods then it's fit for my list. I actually discovered Trader Joe's when I lived in Arizona a few years back and at first thought....What's the big deal? Well let's just say it grew on me and when I moved back to the New York area I was more than happy to find a few TJ's scattered throughout the city. Now it's not a place you go everyday for the usual odds and ends, what it is though is a market that has it's own unique foods that are often of great taste and quality. Blah, blah, blah you say? Not really. Trader Joe's prides itself on being a part of every community they are in and that makes it feel like a local grocery store. Their staff always looks like they are having fun and are extremely attentive to you and especially your children. My favorite part, of course, is the sample bar usually towards the back with it's free offerings. Usually whatever they are making seems to make it's way into my cart, (sucker) what a sales job! They have a great selection of fruits and vegetables, great frozen meals, good breads, juices, nut mixes and lots more. Most of all it's really affordably. My favorites include: Kettle Corn, Lemonade, Mandarin Orange Chicken and TJ's Olive Oil. Trader Joe's currently has 4 locations in New York City with a new one opening soon in Chelsea. Go to for more information.

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