Thursday, May 6, 2010

Market Week: Union Square Greenmarket

For the better part of the last 20 years of my life I have been in and around Union Square more than any place else in the city and I have been lucky enough to see the Greenmarket grow into the fantastic bazaar it has become. I can remember when it was only a small collection of tents there only a couple of days. Today it is three times the size with offerings from pretzels, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, plants, breads, pies, cookies, honey and many more choices. Obviously great weather is it's best friend allowing
enormous throngs of shoppers from all over the city, in fact all over the world. The spring and summer, of course, is a fantastic time to stroll for fresh herbs or a beautiful plant for your home. But if you are looking to see the Greenmarket in all it's glory you must plan to be there during the fall and early winter. While the temperatures may not be completely beneficial, it's the time of year to see the most expansive array of delicious choices. Warm cider, pumpkin and apple pies, soups, delicious autumn apples, gourds, sweet potatoes, and on and on. And if you are looking to save some money this is the place to shop.
If you want to pay more just walk to the bottom of the park at 14th street and go to Whole Foods, they will be happy to take your extra money. So please when you have the time travel to Union Square and enjoy a wonderful day shopping at one of the best outdoor markets in the country. It's open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 8AM to 6PM. Please visit to see all the Greenmarkets all over town and to read about how they promote regional growers and much, much more.

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