Friday, May 28, 2010

Rosa Mexicano: Loving The Guacamole!

It's kind of their thing. They want to roll that Guacamole cart over to your table so they can show off even before you sit down. Of course you are going to order the Guacamole, it goes without saying, at least that's what I do every time I go to Rosa Mexicano. Housed in what was once known as the restaurant America and showcased in a scene from Spike Lee's Mo' Better Blues, this fine eatery serves up some of the best (non-traditional) Mexican food in the city and luckily it's right next to where I work. Not that I go often, it's a bit pricey for frequent visits so usually I save it for times when I can use my company credit card, you know for business...So as I was sitting down for lunch with a client yesterday I excitedly watched one of the Guacamole specialists whip up a (small) fresh batch for our consumption. It's certainly not the best Guac I have ever had, I make my own tasty concoction at home, but it's all about the presentation and the freshness. Too often however it is all gone right before my eyes because I have relentlessly dipped as many tortilla chips as possible without taking a moment to pause, I simply don't want to
share with anyone else! No not really, I just wish the serving was a bit bigger. What's funny is that I don't even consider the other appetizers as a possibility becuase I am always so focused on the chips and Guacamole. Sadly it eventually runs out and I have to eat something else, so I ordered the the Mexican Club Torta which comes with a side of extra delicious Sweet Potato Fries. By the time the sandwich was served I was a bit full from all the Guac plus I'd already had two cokes, not a good combo if I was still looking to enjoy the rest of my meal. Surprisingly it had little effect on my enjoyment of the Torta which was extra delicious. It's a pressed sandwich, like a panini, with Ham, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Pickled Jalapenos, Avacado, Chihuahua Cheese and a Black Bean-Chipotle Sauce all on a focaccia like bread. It was a belt buster day for sure. Rosa Mexicano has 3 locations in NYC, plus several others around the country. For more info please check out their website at:

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