Saturday, May 8, 2010

Market Week: The Chelsea Market

Simply the most interesting shopping experience in the city, The Chelsea Market has all the sights, sounds and smells to delight all under one roof right next to the trendy meat-packing district. The focus here is it's wonderful array of foods that is sure to keep your nose searching for what's next. To me the most important part of the space is actually the space. Opened back in 1997, the Chelsea Market takes up the ground floor of what used to be the Nabisco building, which is at 75 9th Ave between 15th and 16th. It's truly an assault on all your senses. Extremely lively during the lunch hour, The Chelsea Market really gets it's groove on after work is over often with live music performances to add to it's already fabulous aura. Some of my favorite stops are, of course, Amy's Bread, Fat Witch Bakery, The Nut Box, Buon Italia and the Bowery Kitchen Supply. It is very important to leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy yourself because this place is not a quick in and out. You're gonna want to stay for awhile. Hours of operation are: M-F 7 to 8pm, Sat 7 to 7 and Sun 8 to 6. Check out for more information. Eat well explorers.

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