Friday, May 14, 2010

Go Burger Truck: A Great Piece Of Meat

Yummy. Who doesn't love a really good hamburger? Vegetarians I guess. Now appearing in the summer street fairs accross the city is the new GO Burger truck (by BLT Restaurants) serving up fantastically delicious burgers, fries and hotdogs. I was very intrigued the other day as I made my way through the throngs of folks at a street fair on Broadway in the 20's, to find a large white truck that looked like it didn't belong. I was only out to buy a ridiculously large bag of the best kettle corn in the city for my wife, but the allure of the smokey deliciousness emanating from the truck was way to powerful and I broke down. To say broke down is a very poor description of what happened. I bought The Classic cheeseburger and fries and hurriedly ran back to work and, as per my m.o., stuffed it down my throat like a cheetah eating a gazelle (blatant exaggeration). Their 100% Certified Black Angus beef burgers are a combination of sirloin, short rib, chuck and brisket cut and are served on a semi-toasted bun. The burger is topped off with red onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and a sauce that seemed like thousand island dressing so no ketchup was needed. The burger had a very peppery flavor to it as well which was a pleasant surprise and really combined well with all the ingredients for a great burger experience. The fries were also very tasty in their small little paper sack. The Go Burger truck is a great addition to the average street fair choices and honestly was not at all expensive comparatively speaking. Basically about $10 bucks and way better quality than most of it's fellow participants, for instance the ridiculously large bag of kettle corn goes for $9 bucks. Check out their website,, to see their menu and find out where the truck will be stationed this weekend.

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