Monday, May 10, 2010

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli: Put Your Mouth Around It!

Ok that title sounds a little inappropriate but it's so true and as you can see from my ugly mug that's exactly what I did. Off the top of your head you probably wouldn't associate a sandwich with Vietnamese cuisine, certainly I never did back when I was introduced to these delicious creations. Honestly I acted like the typical food snob and said something like..."No way I'm gonna eat a sandwich that's not French or Italian and you can't make me!" Honestly I sounded even more snooty when I said it. I just couln't have imagined how good it was until I tried it, funny how that works. Not only is it really tasty but it's cheap and they don't skimp on the size...size matters. Anyway Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli isn't a place you would walk into on your own, it's a place that someone has to tell you about, like me! I always go for the #1 House Special, extra spicy, and often order more than one to keep for another day. That's unusual for your typical sandwich and against my normal beliefs, but normal went out the window when I first ate this sandwich. What's in it you say? Besides the fresh baked roll there's Vietnamese Salami, Pork Roll, Grilled Minced Pork, Pickled Carrots and Raddishes, Jalapeno's, Cucumbers, Cilantro and a spread that they call Hollandaise Sauce. It's all good. Literally an explosion of flavor in your mouth, it's pretty indescribable. The deli is often filled with folks thinking the same way I do, especially during lunchtime, and when a place has a following like that you know it's good. I suggest you all make a trip downtown to 369 Broome Street, near the corner of Mott, to pick yourself up a sandwich, or two, or three. You can visit their website for more info,, and please have a look at the rest of their menu.

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