Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Food News: La Esquina/The Corner Closed By NYC (Updated 5/12)

This is a bit of a shocker. One of my favorite restaurants in the city, La Esquina/The Corner, has just been cited for safety violations and shut down by the city of New York until the necessary fixes are made. It's seems to be an unusual situation in that the city inspectors are saying that the restaurant does not provide proper egress for customers and staff referring to a stairwell that leads to the basement. Plus they said that their wood ceiling is flammable. What's most curious is that back in 2005 the city approved the plans for this construction as well as approving a slight remodel in 2008. Hmmm makes you wonder why suddenly the city would change it's tune? Perhaps it's because of the city's budget crisis? And what better way then to bridge that gap then to squeeze some money out of a very popular restaurant. Personally I think it's disgusting. The inspectors who approved the original plans should be held accountable and fired, it's their fault, not the restaurants.

Update 5/12 5:14pm:
I am very happy to report that the city's building inspectors have given the ok to let La Esquina re-open for dinner tonight. Thank goodness, now I can order some Tacos for lunch tomorrow. Whew!

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