Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'wichcraft: A Damn Good 'Wich, I Mean Sandwich

That was my late lunch today. A Slow Roasted Pork sandwich from 'wichcraft on 20th street just off of Broadway. I'd seen a lot of people carrying the bags before and always wondered where it was, it also meant that it was probably pretty good. And in fact it was delicious! Inside of this wonderful little sandwich was the aforementioned Slow Roasted Pork with Red Cabbage, Jalapenos, Mustard(Spicey Dijon) all on a Ciabatta Roll and it was slightly toasted. Even though I knew there were Jalapenos in the sandwich I was still a little surprised by the burning of my lips and the inside of my mouth, but in no way did it affect my enjoyment. Of course the Dijon Mustard added to that kick. I have probably said this before but the heart of every sandwich is its meat (at least for the meat eaters among us) and the Roasted Pork didn't disappoint, it was juicy and flavorful. Overall a very enjoyable little bundle even if it cost $9.74. 'wichcraft has locations in NY, San Fran and Las Vegas with 12 locations in Manhattan alone, so there is a pretty good chance that you'll run into one at some point. They also have a lot more on the menu to choose from like Soups, Salads, Coffee and Sweet Treats, so you don't have to have a hankering for one of their 'wiches if you don't want to...

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