Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vanessa's Dumplings: Hey Martha, These Are The Best Dumplings In Town!

...And I didn't even go there for the dumplings. I went for the Sesame Pancake with Beef sandwich which was highlighted in New York Magazines 101 best sandwiches of NYC. However when you visit a place that uses a particular food in their name, a la dumplings, it's like they are daring you to eat it. I love a dare, especially when it comes to stuffing my face. So on my way back from a business meeting (sounds important doesn't it) I found myself feeling hungry, how strange...I thought of places in the area that I hadn't tried yet and maneuvered myself in the direction of 3rd Avenue which for some reason was calling my name. When I got up to 14th Street I remembered a place I wanted to try (from New York Mags article) called Vanessa's Dumplings where they serve a Vietnamese style sandwich on Sesame Pancake bread that looked so damn good. Upon entering Vanessa's establishment (I assume it's Vanessa's place afterall) and immediately smelled the delicious aroma of dumplings. How do dumplings smell you ask? Freakin' good if they are good, that's how. Now I have eaten my fair share of dumplings in my life, some good, lots ok and even terrible ones certainly not worth mentioning, but I am here to tell you that these were some of the best ever. Wow, crazy talk. Did you hear me Martha Stewart? These are waaaayyyy better than Rickshaw, and waaaayyyy cheaper too! Wait a minute, didn't I go there for a sandwich...but of course. The Sesame Pancake with Beef was delicious and only $2.99! So I got a sandwich and 8 steamed Pork dumplings all for $7 bucks, now that's the perfect meal for a guy on a budget or for anyone actually. Now I have had a better Vietnamese style sandwich but this wasn't far off, it's the total package that I admire and the reason I will visit again, soon. Vanessa's Dumplings is located at 220 East 14th Street and it's open everyday from 11am to 11pm.

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