Friday, June 11, 2010

Food News: 6/11/10 Shake Shack To Open In Theater District

Shake Shack will be opening a new location in the Theater District, 8th Avenue at 44th Street to be exact, which will be the only reason I will go to that area. They will also be opening up a new location on the Upper East Side at 154 E 86th Street, holy cow! That would make 5 locations in the city, Madison Square Park (where it all began), Upper Westside on Columbus and at Citi Field, you know where the Mets play. There is no specific dates for these openings but it is believed that possibly early July is the target. Very exciting!
Sadly (not really) the ESPNZONE in Times Square will be closing it's doors on June 15th. Apparently the bad food could no longer be tolerated. They will also be closing many of their locations around the country due to the bad economy and because they believe people just aren't dining out as much anymore. Actually people have decided that if they are going to eat out that they would prefer to eat at a place that serves good food.

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