Saturday, June 19, 2010

Craftbar: Another Day, Another Business Lunch...Ho Hum

Actually it wasn't ho hum at all. The wonderful picture above showcases my favorite part of the meal, the Ricotta Fritters...oh man I wish I had some more right now. They were all smothered in Sugar, covered with Sliced Almonds and sitting on top of a pile of Rhubarb Jam. Not only that but they were also still really warm and soft so they melted in my mouth. Let's just say there was no sharing at the table or at least I wasn't offering. I started off my meal simply with the Marinated Olives and Marcona Almonds appetizer eschewing my normal desire for a salad. Who doesn't love olives? Then for my main course I went for the Poached Chicken, Cheddar, Roasted Tomatoes and Arugula sandwich on a bread that I couldn't really distinguish but I am not complaining. The sandwich was pressed like a panini and it made the bread really crunchy and I liked that. On the side were some sweet Pickles and a spread that I completely ignored because the sandwich didn't need it. I topped it all off with the above dessert and a hot cup of coffee truly making my pants feel like they were going to burst, but sometimes when you are in the middle of it you just gotta keep pushing forward...I mean keep eating. The only thing missing in my mind was an ice cold brewskie in a tall pilsner to quench my thirst. Not that it wasn't available but I had to go back to work afterall. A thoroughly enjoyable experience but thats what I have come to expect when I visit a Tom Colicchio establishment ('wichcraft, Colicchio & Sons). Craftbar is located at 900 Broadway and for more information please visit their website at: Thank you and have a nice day.

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