Friday, June 11, 2010

New York Magazine's 51...I Mean 101 Best Sandwiches In NYC

In the last issue of New York Magazine (actually the 6/7 issue) they pick the 51 best sandwiches in the city and if you head over to their website it's expanded to 101! Some standouts are as follows: Katz Pastrami is #14, Baoguette's Sloppy Bao is #20, Di Palo Dairy's Porchetta Sandwich is #23, Defonte's of Brooklyn's Peppers and Egg is #87 and at #101 is The Elvis at Peanut Butter & Co.. What this list really tells me is that I need to eat a lot more sandwiches. There is also a fun Subway Vs. Quiznos comaparison but really with all these sandwiches to eat why on earth would you ever go there? The article stretches from pages 42 to 49 in the actual issue if you happen to find one. On the website it's called Dagwood, Eat Your Heart Out., go there now!

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