Friday, June 25, 2010

Baoguette And Thao Noodle: Another Vietnamese Sandwich?

So the other day I went out for a walk, stomach growling (which is a bad thing), and thought I was headed to Defontes of Brooklyn to try their Firehouse Special which I was told to try the last time I was there. It's got Roast Pork, Fried Eggplant, Broccoli Rabe, Provolone Cheese and man it's even making my mouth water right now. However something distracted me. When I saw the sign for Baoguette and Thao Noodle I thought...could it be a Vietnamese sandwich place? Totally forgetting my original purpose I darted accross 3rd Avenue and opened the door to find that it was in fact a Vietnamese Sandwich place and it wasn't located in Chinatown. Woo Hoo! Anyway I picked up the paper menu and located what I would order in a matter of seconds...the Baoguette (traditional Vietnamese sandwich) which was the first sandwich on the list. Back to the growling stomach...and because of that I also ordered Spring Rolls which of course I shouldn't have, but the important thing was the sandwich. A little pricier at $6 compared to the $4.25 in Chinatown, the sandwich looked and smelled exactly like the real thing so I was really excited. However, in a very good way, the difference here was the addition of the Char Siu Pork, which is BBQ Pork for the layman, and it made this sandwich a bit tastier than it's Chinatown brethren. Heresy I know. The truth is in the flavor. I must say that this sandwich was also a bit spicy, that's ok for me but I am not sure how anyone else would feel about that, just be warned. Honestly I was unable to finish the whole sandwich because I had managed to eat all of the Spring Rolls (which weren't great) beforehand and that may have also affected my enjoyment. Damn stomach grumbling! Shortly after eating at Baoguette I read an article in New York Mag that suggested the best sandwich there was actually not the one I ate but the Sloppy Bao with it's Spicey Red Curried Beef, Green Mango and Basil. Oh the horror! It just means that I will have to go back someday soon and eat one. Baoguette actually has 3 locations in the city and you can find out where at..., and also check out their other menu items. 

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