Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Treats Truck: Cookies...Must Have Them!

No I am not the Cookie Monster even though sometimes I eat like him. Is it me or are these baked goodies trucks always near when you want something sweet to eat? Perhaps even when you don't but you want it anyway? This is constantly my dilemna. So when I went out on a break in search of some apples at the Greenmarket the other day it was no shock to see the Sweet Treats Truck sitting right in my path almost daring me to buy something. Kind of like a dealer with a bag of weed, I know what he's got and he knows I am gonna buy. The Dough Dealer. Such is my life, I get high on Chocolate Chip cookies. I didn't even bother reading through the menu because I could see the delicious goodies right through their convenient little window. Chocolate Chip = $1.50...and for good measure a Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookie = $2.25. By the way I did buy some apples, 2lbs of MacIntosh for $2, cheaper than the damn Chocolate cookie. That's not really the point however. We're talking about a delicious, yummy Chocolate Chip cookie with oozing chunks of melting chocolate because it's so warm outside so you shove it in your mouth even before you get back to work cookie...oh man. Perhaps because I was a little too ambitious I purchased the Flourless Chocolate Cookie with Walnuts thinking I would eat them both, I mean I certainly wanted to but come on even I have to have a little self control sometimes. It didn't go to waste, I gave it to a fellow employee who said it was like eating a brownie in cookie form...damn! So high marks go to the Sweet Treats Truck for making such delicious and delecatable cookies that I will desire constantly (bastards) and hopefully they won't be stalking me outside when I leave to go home today. Check out their website: to find out what else is on their menu. C is for cookie that's good enough for me!

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