Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ko Sushi: When A Lunch Special Is Actually Special

Apparently there is more than one Ko Sushi in town and I went to the one at 208 3rd Avenue where it was nice and quiet. That's what I was looking for. When I dine alone I would rather go to a place that is empty  and without all the fuss that comes with being a hot spot. Those are for the times when you are with others, then it's not so bad. I stumbled upon this place not even looking for Japanese or sushi for that matter since I don't actually eat it. I like all the other stuff. Teryaki, Udon, Katsu...nothing with fish, I'm weird like that. Does that disqualify me as a foodie? Who cares! Anyway I decided that it was a day to sit down and have lunch and not take it to go where it would probably be less enjoyable. Hence why I was so interested in the fact that it was a quiet place. Walking in I had noticed that they offered a lunch special for $8 bucks, it was written sloppily on some board in the window, so that was a plus. Hmmm...what to order I thought. I chose the Pork Katsu (breaded pork) bento box which came with a choice of soup or salad, but I wanted both. So I got a side salad for a $1.75 extra. Little did I know that it also included unlimited cups of green tea because when my soup and salad arrived there was the tea, how great! Good miso soup, good salad dressing...on to the box. I love getting a bento box with all it's neat little compartments and sections, it's kind of like a puzzle, you should take it all apart when you eat and then reassemble it when you are done. First to finish the puzzle wins! On the top left it with a lump of White Rice then 4 California Rolls (that I don't eat) and sauce for the Pork. Below that ,also to the left, was the crunchy Pork, a spot of Ginger and Wasabi then a Spring Roll, Gyoza, and Shumai...whew! A daunting task but one I would have no trouble dismantling. I wonder if it was a full moon becuase I took a chance and ate 2 of the California Rolls even with the little bit of fish in them, I don't know what it was but it wasn't bad, not that I would ever order it. Everything else was delicious and just what I was looking for and $12.00 total with tip! Can't beat that. I will definitely be visiting again and next time I'm trying the Teryaki!

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