Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rickshaw: It's Kinda Like The Asian Chipotle...

...And I am not sure that's a good thing, but maybe it is for people other than me. I have been to Rickshaw once before, a visit that was less than memorable, no that it was bad, it just wasn't that good. They call themselves a dumpling bar, so of course the first time I ordered dumplings. I don't even remember which kind I ordered but for the money I was expecting a bit more. On their website they have various quotes about their dumplings, one in particular from Martha Stewart that is mindboggling. She said, and I quote, "They make the best dumplings in town." Unreal. Hey Martha Have you ever been to Chinatown? Perhaps you should get out sometime and see what New York City has to offer. They are a simple, straightforward establishment that has all the slick interior elements to attract those who are into that sort of thing, like me, but lack the flavor that is needed. Chipotle has that. Recently I have been walking in a direction that takes me past the Rickshaw that is on 23rd Street near 6th Avenue and I had noticed a sign for their new Roast Pork Buns but had yet to give them a try. I am a bit of a conisseur of pork buns, whether steamed or baked, and usually reserve myself to eating them only when in Chinatown either for Dim Sum or at Tai Pan Bakery. So of course I was skeptical. It just so happened today that I was running late to work (very late) and in passing the same location I decided I would give the buns a try, mostly because I was hungry and looking for something simple. I ordered 2 Braised Roast Pork Buns and a side of cold Edamame and headed to work to see if my opinion of their food would improve. And it did. The buns were exactly what I was hoping they would be, delicious. It turns out that they can be a great alternative to the normal pork buns that I love even if they are a tad bit expensive. The difference here is that they present them much like a mini taco with the sweet bun wrapping the pork, cabbage and sauce. The pork was extra tender and tasty, but the really great part was the addition of the cabbage which gave it the extra crunch it needed. Not that I am totally convinced by the place and their main choice of dumplings, but I have been a bit swayed by their buns enough so to say you should give the place a try. Who knows maybe you will like their dumplings better than I. Rickshaw used to have 2 locations but the one on 8th Street closed a short time ago. They have a travelling truck if you are so inclined which you can follow on their website:

This doesn't look so pretty, but it's oh so tasty.

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