Thursday, June 24, 2010

99 Miles To Philly: It's Actually A Lot Closer, In Fact It's On 3rd Ave!

An authentic Philly Cheesesteak in NYC? No way. Actually there are a couple of places in the city to get a good cheesesteak but so far 99 Miles To Philly offers the closest thing to a real Philly as they say. Now I have been down to Philly a few times and have visited the famous Pat's and Geno's Cheesesteak mecca's (I prefer Pat's), so I know what a real one should taste like. So when I read about this place in New York Magazine I was a bit skeptical but that certainly didn't stop me from heading on over to 3rd Avenue between 13th and 12th for lunch the other day. First impression? Nice and simple. This place has definitely dedicated itself to the Cheesesteak by offering few choices which I can appreciate because they know what they do well. Be sure to bring cash with you because they do not accept credit cards, however a cash machine is on hand but it will take $2 bucks from you when you use it. The ordering process is super simple and I went pretty traditional. Steak, American Cheese (Don't do the Whiz), Wit Onions (that's how you say it in Philly) and I added mushrooms (very necessary). As far as I'm concerned a Cheesesteak is only as good as it's bread or roll and this place is so authentic that they import their rolls from Amoroso's bakery in Philly, kudo's for that. Steaming hot, I took my first bite a little prematurely and nearly burnt my tongue but I just couldn't wait. It was damn good. Usually I like to squirt a little ketchup on my Cheesesteak but in this case none was necessary because it was just that good. It was also the perfect size, not too much and not too small and with a soda it was only about $9.50, very reasonable. Overall a very tasty experience that I highly recommend for all you sandwich lovers. Next time I am gonna try the Chicken Cheesesteak and their Waffle Fries, but here me out...this place in no way changes the fact that I despise all Philadelphia sports teams, especially the Phillies. Let's go Mets!

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