Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, And Boy Was It Delicious!

Ribs...I had Ribs for lunch.
(Gratuitous Anchorman Shout Out)

Actually it was a bit before lunch. I was heading to work (yeah on a Sunday) and as I was passing Madison Square Park I couldn't help but notice the large crowds all around. No, it wasn't for Shake Shack. It was the Big Apple Barbeque Block Party and the smoke was billowing high above the trees and smelled fantastic. Inside the park were various souvenir stands selling t-shirts and bbq sauce next to large tents that were selling beer. You weren't allowed to take the beer out of the area however which felt a little silly because it wasn't anywhere near the food stands out on Madison Avenue. Anyway off I went, following the smell of delicious bbq wondering what I was going to eat and if they were giving away any of it for free. And there was much to the delight of my tummy and taste buds!

You're not from around here are you?
This guy sure knows how to mop!

In case you were wondering, those are the ribs I had. Not all of them of course, I'm not a complete pig, besides I like it when my pants fit. Anyway this fine gentleman was very busy mopping the ribs to make sure they were extra saucy and yummy. He was concentrating so hard that he didn't even look up when I took his picture. But by golly the ribs were delicious even though I only got one as a sample (boo hoo), no worries the tent next door was calling my name.
Bob here was a chatty fela who was more than happy to pose for this picture of him chopping some pork shoulder.

After being turned away for trying to secure a second rib I stumbled across Bob who was carving up some slow roasted Pork Shoulder. He offered up an incredibly soft and delectable sliver that melted way too fast in my mouth and it certainly wasn't going to be enough to satisfy my needs. I say needs because I needed some more. Gladly Bob handed over another chunk for me to devour and because as he put it..."You look like you could use some more of this." So happily I strode off fullfilled (for the moment) in search of another victim willing to give me some more BBQ for free.

I was so hungry I ate this faster than a rice krispy treat.

So on to the Stubbs BBQ Sauce truck that was giving out these free bites of their Pork and Chorizo BBQ creation (which included the recipe and a sample of the sauce!) to complete my smorgasbord of meat. It was good but I think I was blinded by my intense hunger. And there were no napkins either! How could you dole out a sloppy little sandwich like this without offering up at least a wet nap? Of course that didn't stop me from licking the sauce off my fingers, I guess that was the point. Overall it was a fun, unexpected experience with lots of great tasting samples to sting the nostrils and satisfy the taste buds. It was a good thing that I had to get to work though because I might have stayed and eaten all day long. My pants are certainly glad.

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