Saturday, June 5, 2010

Food Depot: Bacon Egg And Cheese Done Right

To me a good Bacon, Egg and Cheese is simple. It first has to have a really good Kaiser roll that is fresh and  preferably has poppy seeds on top (its just my preference). The Eggs have to be freshly made and not some pre-fab square that looks like Spongebob Squarepants that they serve you at Starbucks. There has to be an ample amount of Bacon (not the microwavable kind) and the Cheese must be melted appropriately. That's not a lot to ask. Often a sub-standard BE&C is lacking in one of these areas. Places to avoid: Shops that put exactly the same amount of ingredients on every sandwich, for example only two strips of Bacon. Places that use some other kind of roll or some fancy Ciabatta bread. Stores that forget to put the Cheese on top while the Eggs are cooking (this is important to having the Cheese properly melt all over). Now it is perfectly fine, for you, to eat any kind of BE&C sandwich that you want in the morning, but for me it's way more important to be satisfied with what I think is a traditional BE&C. So when I walked in to the Food Depot on 5th Avenue the other morning I was hoping that they were going to serve me up a decent BE&C, that way I wouldn't be too disappointed if it sucked. Lower than normal expectations can really help in the enjoyment of a meal especially if it's one you have often. The reason I chose to search out a new place for a BE&C that morning is because the deli closest to my job, Andy's Famous, hasn't always followed my guidelines and often the quality varies from day to day. The first thing I noticed was that the damn place was huge and had the largest selection of beverages that I have ever seen, not that it made any difference to what I was going to order. Their breakfast spread was quite impressive as I approached the counter to order. I watched closely as they quickly prepped the sandwich, first throwing the Eggs on to the steamy grill, then cutting open the Kaiser roll, yes with poppy seeds. The guy added two pieces of Cheese to the Eggs which was a bit of a surprise and then unfurled 3 strips of Bacon and laid them next to the sizzling Eggs. In a moment the whole concotion was wrapped, cut, foiled, priced and handed over to me with a smile...ok the smile part was added for a bit of drama...he actually kind of scowled...but I wasn't affected either way. Let's not get crazy here it's a damn breakfast sandwich but there is nothing wrong with wanting to find the best tasting sandwich if you are gonna eat it from time to time. Luckily it was a good one as you can see from the above picture, with it's perfect mix of all said ingredients throughout the sandwich. Food Depot (not much different from Home Depot actually) is located at 19th Street and 5th Ave and is open everyday.

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