Monday, June 25, 2012

Best Falafel In NYC? Taim In The West Village Says the Daily News

Courtesy of the Daily News
I am no Falafel connoisseur, so I plead a bit ignorant on the subject, but I do know a good one when I eat it. Falafel is not something I have eaten for very long, only trying one a couple of years ago at Maoz (, but quickly realizing that I love them. However it's not a dish that I seek out too often, so I'm glad the Daily News picked the best in the City to give me another great place to eat. From the picture above you can definitely see how delicious Falafel can look, and it really makes me want to visit Taim in the West Village (222 Waverly Place.) So please click the link below to see the article in the Daily News:

You can also read about my visit to Rainbow Falafel & Shawarma if you click this link:

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