Friday, June 1, 2012

Meuller's Bakery in Bay Head, NJ...Best on the Jersey Shore

Unfortunately due to the delicious nature of the donuts and pastries hiding inside of the box I was unable to shoot any good pictures for you to see. Actually I didn't have time to take any pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face, and powder or jelly may have gotten on my iPhone, that's a no-no.
After a lovely Memorial Day weekend with my family eating lots and lots of food, I finally had the chance to sit down and write about the best bakery on the Jersey Shore and a place that Snooki doesn't know about. Nestled in a quiet little beach community that sits just beyond more popular spots like Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights, Meuller's Bakery in Bay Head, NJ is a must have, or must eat destination that will make you come back again and again. We really love going to the beach in Bay Head to get away from all the crowds, but honestly it's just an excuse to go to Mueller's, and for me it's all about the donuts. A shocker, I know.
Whether it's powdered or sugared, the jelly donuts are hands down the best I have ever had, and that's saying a lot since I love the jelly donuts at Donut Plant in NYC. These are something special and it's easy to describe. Not only is the jelly delicious but the donut itself is like a small crumb cake, nice and firm,  holding together pleasantly as you take bite after bite. However if you are me you will end up looking like a one year old diving into his first birthday cake with remnants all over your face, it's a little embarrassing, at least that's what my wife tells me.
Anyway not one item at Mueller's that we have tried has been anything less than stellar, so if you find yourself at the Jersey Shore and have a hankering for something sweet, head over to Meuller's in Bay Head, you'll thank me.

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