Saturday, June 2, 2012

Terranova Bakery In Da Bronx, Yup It's The Best Bread In The City

I gotta say, that's one sexy picture. Yeah I know it's a picture of bread, but it's not just any bread, it's bread from Terranova Bakery in the Bronx. The Bronx you say? Yes indeed, and part of one of the best food neighborhoods in the Big Apple, Little Italy or Arthur Avenue as it's known to the regulars like myself. Well ok, my Mom is the regular, but she taught me well. For me all bread is compared to this bakery, and often times it's simple, nothing lives up to this place. Listen when your family makes special trips to the Bronx for bread it's gotta be something special. Let me put it to you another way...this is the kind of bread you eat as a meal, it's not a side and certainly not an afterthought.
When you take the bread out of the bag the first thing you notice is the smell, which even to this day I still take a moment to enjoy before eating. Each loaf also has an exquisite texture that is thicker than your normal bread and might be the only thing you'd have to get used to. This isn't sandwich making bread, though my Mother begs to differ. It's for dipping into a puddle of olive oil to enjoy with a glass of red wine. To pile fresh roasted peppers on top that have been marinated for days. Toasted slices, lightly buttered, that crunch louder than anything you have ever heard, to go with your morning cup of coffee. I could go on but I'm getting hungry. Look, the bottom line is you have to go there and get some if you want to taste the best bread in the world. There I've said it. Seriously check it out, it's worth a day trip, not only for the bread but for a visit to Arthur Avenue. Terranova Bakery is located at 691 E 187 Street and just a few blocks from the Arthur Avenue Market.

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