Friday, June 15, 2012

New York Mag, Where One Goes To Find Out What's Good to Eat in NYC...At Least That's What I Do

Where do I go to find the best places to eat in NYC? I walk. Ok, ok...other than randomly trotting around the city, I often find that New York Magazine is a great place to find new places to eat in the city. It's pretty much better than all the New York newspapers combined because it offers the most new choices all with a very unbiased opinion that's easy for everyone to understand, yeah I'm talking to you New York Times. You see I don't care about all the fancy this, fancy that aspect that some critics are looking for, I'm just looking for a good meal. Yes, service is important to a good dining experience, but for me it's gotta be all about the food, and not just dinner either. You see I want to know what the best food truck is. What's the best slice of pizza, (that I haven' tried yet?) Who makes the best sandwich in the city? It's those type of questions that appeal to most New Yorkers. We are the kind of people that want to sit-down-relax-and-enjoy-our-meal-without-spending-too-much-money kind of people, and if it's also a little fancy, well that's ok too.
New York Magazine is always doing great surveys too about the best sandwich in New York, or where to get what in different parts of the city. Meaning that they keep it fresh and always have something new for a foodie like me who gets tired of the same thing pretty fast. Below there are two links to current articles that I think everyone will like. One is about great Turkey sandwiches, one pictured above, and the other is about value-minded consumers and the costs of foods in the city. Both are great little reads. If you have time however, pick up a copy of New York Magazine to finger through and find unique eats that otherwise you may have missed...

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