Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Humor Runs Out of Ice Cream, Oh No!!!

Ah the Good Humor man, how I used to love to see your truck driving around my neighborhood. What was so cool about him was the fact that he'd drive around in his little truck, then stop and come over and say hello wearing his little coin dispenser. I was so fascinated by that coin dispenser, always wanting one so I could quickly and conveniently dispense coins without having to scrounge in my pockets. Those were the days when I worried about having spare change so I could buy Ice Cream from the Good Humor man. Were there any Good Humor Women? I'm not sure. Official Good Humor Men (or Woman) have been gone since 1978 when the company sold off it's fleet. However some continued as independent contractors and continued to sell Good Humor along with other brands, in fact some of these trucks are still on the road and can even be rented for parties. How cool!

Houston, we have a problem.

It seems that three of the best selling Good Humor bars, Toasted Almond Bar, Candy Center Crunch and Chocolate Eclair, are completely out of stock due to early warm temperatures causing a surge in sales. It has coincided with the closing of one of the parent company's factories in Hagerstown, MD, due to a consolidation of the manufacturing. So what does one do without the delicious Toasted Almond Bars? Wait until the end of July when production should catch up with demand. End of July! Are they crazy? I mean it's not like they just started making the damn things. Can you imagine what Eddie Murphy thinks about this (ref to his old comedy routine) ? Not all is lost, at least Strawberry Shortcake is still available. Whew!

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