Monday, April 19, 2010

Roast Pork Heaven at Defonte's of Brooklyn

You see that right there, over to the the photo right there. That sandwich, in case you were wondering, is what heaven is like. Pure Friggin' (Love that word) heaven. One of the best sandwiches in NYC, probably in the whole country, and that's no joke. I am so emotional right now talking about this beautiful creation, it's just so sad that I had to eat it....wait what am I saying? That's the whole point. Of course I am being a bit silly but this place can do that to me. I am talking about Defonte's of Brooklyn (In Manhattan no less) and my favorite sandwich there, the #34 Roast Pork. To call it simply a sandwich doesn't do it any justice but certainly doesn't take away from the experience. The first time I went to Defonte's I was a bit overwhelmed by the choices seemingly liking everything I saw on their chalkboard. You cannot waver. You must dive right in and grab hold of your choice like it's the most important decision since choosing what you watched on TV the night before. Ok I'm not serious but it's still important. There are simply no bad choices at Defonte's, so whatever you pick it's gonna melt in your mouth and fill you up for the remainder of the day and probably into the evening.

On the ole' #34 they start off with a fresh Italian roll and pile on what they call 'Hot Salad,' a semi-firey mix of pickled veggies that's actually great all on it's own. Then they layer on their signature breaded and  fried Eggplant, which in any other instance I wouldn't eat because I just wouldn't, but here it's amazing. Then a couple pieces of swiss cheese and finally the piece de resistance, the Roast Pork with it's natural jus. The (dare I say) hero is probably too much to eat all in one sitting but you just gotta do it because it isn't the same when it sits for awhile. While I was paying, the gentleman at the counter unfortunately pointed out that if I liked the Roast Pork I should give the (newly written in on the side) Firehouse Special a try. Hmmm I thought....any chance I could eat two sandwiches? Nuts. The Firehouse Special has Roast Pork (of course), Fried Eggplant (of course), Broccoli Rabe and Provolone cheese. Whew! I know what I'm eating tomorrow. Anyway it's about $10.00 for every sandwich at Defonte's and if that seems a bit pricey it's really a misnomer because when something is this good it's easy to know what you've spent your hard earned dough on (besides the uncomfortble lump in your belly). To see their full menu (sans specials) go to, and while you're on the site take the time to read about their history, it's very cool. Mangia.

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