Monday, April 19, 2010

Pizza Bash NYC: Let's Get This Party Started

Where's the party you say? It's at Pizza Bash NYC in Union Square that is. Well there is no party actually that's just a rouse to get you inside to buy a slice of really good pizza. Seriously I am a big pizza fan and can be very harsh in my assesments of pizza establishments if they don't live up to the reputation of NYC pizza. Basically it is easy to slap a name on a shop and call it a pizzeria with there being one on almost every block in the city but the secret to success is not in what you make it's how you make it. Now I am no gourmet pizza lover. I don't like numerous toppings or exoctic ones like pineapple, yuk. I am strictly a traditionalist when it comes to eating a triangle; plain, pepperoni or sausage is usually the way I go to get the best read on a particualr joint. It was no different when I stepped into Pizza Bash a few days ago to pick up some lunch. The first thing I noticed upon inspection of the small operation was that it wasn't the traditional looking pizza place and much care had been taken when designing it. There were several high tables with stools to my left filled with folks seemingly enjoying themselves and on the right more stools for those of us who intended to dine alone. In the back I spotted the oven and I quickly made my way there scanning for a plain slice. Two slices and soda, $8.50, a bit pricey but flavor would be the ultimate judge. After devouring the two pieces I am happy to report that it was extremely delicious, high praise I know, but it's well deserved. With it's crispy thin crust, (thinner and crispier than traditional NYC slices) baked in a brick oven, fresh mozzarella and tasty
sauce, it really sets itself apart from most places. As usual with me I could have eaten two more slices but not wanting to be a piggy I grabbed a menu and headed back to work. Currently Pizza Bash does not have a website but there are a few other reviews on the web if you are so inclined. They are located at 42 Union Square East, between 16th and 17th. So stop in and try a slice to see what you think...Hmmm maybe next time I'll try the Pizza Jesse (White Pizza) with some garlic knots, oh man I am hungry...

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  1. Pizza Bash is NOT a brick oven pizza. It is a regular pizza oven with a roof covering made out of brick. There is no coal burning or wood burning. wake up NYC.