Friday, April 30, 2010

Dos Toros Versus Chipotle!

Here are the combatants. On the left we have the Pollo Asado Burrito from Dos Toros Taqueria and on the right we have a Chicken Burrito from Chipotle. Both worthy opponents but only one can be the victor and it will be up to me to decide! Let's get it on! Well I am not exactly sure my stomach can handle all this burrito business but damn it I am sure going to try. Actually the consumption of these two burritos happened on separate days as to allow me more time to live my life and not experience a food coma. Over the last ten years or so Chipotle has gone from a small company with a few locations to having over 900 between the US and Canada. Certainly a chain restaurant, it has pioneered the fast casual dining establishments popping up all over the country, and that might be seen as a bad thing. I disagree. Not that we are talking about the healthiest food around but Chipotle does it's best to bring you the best made food it can thru local growers and naturally raised meats (find out more at With only one location Dos Toros Taqueria offers up similar fare, also at a very high quality, to those wanting a bit more of an authentic flavor. This charming location is always packed (as are most Chipotle's) and has a similar structure to the way Chipotle operates, but that is where the similarities end. The difference is the flavor and it's a big difference. At Dos Toros you start by choosing your meat which includes rice, cheese, black or pinto beans, salsa and sour cream. After all the helpings are piled on it's wrapped up tightly in aluminum foil and you're ready to eat. At Chipotle you also start off with your meat choice, then white rice and choice of bean (black for me). Then you are asked your choice of salsa which they have 4 kinds, Dos Toros only one. I like to go mild which is pretty much the same in both places. Then I added cheese, sour cream and lettuce (no lettuce at Dos Toros).At both places I also ordered a side of chips and guacamole because what's another 1,000 calories when it comes to delicious food. Pricing is virtually the same so neither have any advantage there. Of course Chipotle has numerous locations versus Dos Toros one (137 4th Avenue), and there happens to be a Chipotle right across from it on 14th street. Great for comparing. As for the burritos...both are very delicious and fresh and I will continue to frequent both of these fast casual establishments. However the edge has to go to Dos Toros for the fact that their rice is better, which is more traditional mexican brown/yellow rice. I also like the chicken at Dos Toros better with its more smokey flavor. As for the chips and guac I preffered Dos Toros as well because they serve plain chips versus the lime flavored chips at Chipotle. I've never liked lime tortilla chips but I still ate them anyway. So in this contest the victor is Dos Toros, yeah! That should not however discourage anyone from going to Chipotle because their burritos are still a favorite of mine. One thing to remember is that Chipotle's serving size is about twice the size of Dos Toros and can be a bit daunting (and unhealthy). I chalk that up to the tortilla's that they use which are very thick, so if that is a concern for you drop the tortilla and ask for it in a bowl (not available at Dos Toros). For more info on Dos Toros Taqueria please visit their site,


  1. I agree!
    One reccomend fir youm, make paragrapj!

  2. Dos Toros has several locations:
    The one on 6th Ave is a bit more spacious then the 4th Ave.

    Also, They do have lettuce

    and you can get the burrito grilled ( not sure if that's also an option at Chipotle)

  3. I'd have to disagree..the rice had a weird flavor, and the chicken wasn't grilled as it is in Chipotle. Chipotle by a wide margin.

  4. I'd have to disagree..the rice had a weird flavor, and the chicken wasn't grilled as it is in Chipotle. Chipotle by a wide margin.