Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pommes Frites: Golden, Delicious, Fries and Sauce!

Just below St. Marks Place on 2nd Ave. is a lovely little shop called Pommes Frites that has some of the tastiest fries in the city. What's really special about this place is what they put on the fries or frites as they call them in Belgium. Generally I am a ketchup guy (ok for fries). Sometimes I like to add a little mayo and once in a while honey mustard. But at Pommes Frites there are just so many sauces to choose from. So many sauces, so little time. I won't go into them all, and I've tried a bunch, but my clear fave (so far) is the Peanut Satay. An interesting flavor sensation at first but it really grew on me. Of course always in search of perfection the next sauce on my list to try is the Curry Ketchup Especial. A combo of Frites Sauce, Curry Ketchup and Raw Onions, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. What's extra fun about this place is how they serve it, in a paper cone, and your choice of whether to have the sauce poured on top or on the side (always on top). Sure it's a bit messy but food is more fun that way. Also this is one of those places you want to go with someone or even a few friends. It's great to sit around trying each others sauces eventually deciding that you love them all (not your friends, the sauces). But sadly if you bring a friend who doesn't want any sauce, he or she must sit alone somewhere, preferably in a dark room with the door locked. A cruel but fitting punishment. Please check out their website,, to see what sauces might tickle your fancy. No sauce, no glory.

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