Friday, April 30, 2010

Ennju Japanese: Coulda, Woulda, Shouldn't Have

I don't eat sushi but I really like eating Japanese food. Teriyaki, tempura, katsu, udon you name it, it's all good. Unless of course you choose the Vegetable Tempura at Ennju on 17th st...Ok I am being a bit harsh. Unfortunately for most of us, including open minded me, first impressions are very important and often times decide whether we frequent a food shop more than once. The restaurant itself is a bit disorienting at first, not the typical neat and tidy Japanese setting that I am used to. One shining example being the Mistuwa Grocery store across the river in Edgewater, NJ, it's fabulous you must go. Anyway here I couldn't tell whether you could order to go or if you selected from the pre-made dishes next to the register. There also seemed to be a self serve area but at that point I was shaking my head. Once I fugured out how to order I chose something fairly simple that I assumed I would like, Vegetable Tempura and because who doesn't like fried veggies? It came with a small side salad and white rice all for about $9 bucks, not too bad I thought. The salad was exactly what I thought it would be, simple and tasty but not overly great. I probably poured a bit too much of the salad dressing on it though. Ah the tempura. Always a challenge when you take it to go depriving yourself of the usual crispiness when eaten at the restaurant, but that never bothered me too much. However in this case it might have helped. Unfortunately other than the broccoli and zucchini I didn't exactly know what I was eating. There were a couple pieces of a potato like thing  that I didn't like to much especially when I crunched something that looked like dirt. The best part of the whole meal? The wonderfully delicious white rice which saved me from starving to death. Ok so someone told me they have really good sushi and they liked the place a lot, that doesn't quite help me now does it. Suffice it to say I may not give it another try because good white rice doesn't quantify a good enough reason to go back. Sorry Ennju. Ennju is located at 20 East 17th street if you want to see for yourself.

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