Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Food Read: New York Magazine

The other day I was riding home on the train (of course) staring blankly at the seat in front of me when I was interrupted by someone asking to sit next to me. The nerve. Anyway an over-perfumed female plopped herself and her two overstuffed bags next to me and began to unfurl herself from her belongings. Why carry so many things I wondered. Once settled she pulled a copy of New York Magazine from her smaller satchel seemingly unfazed by my obnoxious staring and started to read. Normally I would have returned to simply focusing on the faux leather seat in front of me tracing it's realistic skin creases with a keen eye, but something my neighbor was reading kept me staring. A two page spread of deliciousness. Actually the article was called Deliciousness Block by Block and it encompassed pages 84 and 85 of the April 19th issue of New York Magazine. I know this because once I got off the train I went to the newsstand and purchased a copy.
Immediately I haphazardly rifled through the pages so I could get a closer look at what had lead me to this state of frenzy. 60 wonderful pictures of New York Mag's critics' favorite dishes at places all over the city. From Harlem to Fort Greene. Woodside to City Island. Fried chicken, Meatballs, Sushi, Tacos, Clam pizza and much, much more. Admittedly I had only visited 3 of the locations myself and suddenly I felt a bit inadequate. Honestly I am just an amateur even if I don't like to admit it and often need guidance on where to find good eats. That's what it's all about. Living (or working) in the greatest city on Earth with it's never ending supply of great food and the stories to go with it. It just makes me want to get out there more. Check out to read this informative issue.

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