Friday, April 23, 2010

Katz's Deli: NYC Pastrami Institution

 Look at that sandwich. You are staring at one of the oldest traditions in the city of NY, a Pastrami on Rye at Katz's Delicatessen, established way back in 1888. Thankfully not much has changed over the years including the cafeteria style dining area, the hustle and bustle lines or the free taste test of your meat before your sandwich is made. All a very important part of the experience which some feel is a bit touristy, but so what. The real key to NY's best sandwich is in the preparation. Mainly for me it's the Pastrami. Cured for I don't know how long, forever I think, the Pastrami is steaming when pulled out for carving. Like I said a sliver is offered on a plate just to make sure that's what you were looking for. A generous helping of deli style mustard is wiped on the rye bread and pressed down creating a picture of perfection. No sandwich is complete at Katz's without a healthy serving of pickles, they usually give you a couple but ask for extra. Then down the line you go for a beverage. My personal fav? A Dr. Browns Black Cherry soda which for me completes the whole meal. If you find yourself craving for this masterpiece (uh yeah) I suggest you make it a priority on your schedule. And if you are thinking of taking it to go, don't. Park yourself at one of their cramped tables, stare at the wall of pictures and stuff yourself silly until you can't eat another bite. That's surely what's going to happen. Rarely am I able to finish the whole sandwich, usually staying an extra few to see if I can manage just one more bite. I actually think it's part of the tradition, not finishing I mean, it assures that you feel the need to come back and give it another try. Obviously you will because I said so. Katz's is located on Houston at the corner of Ludlow (205 Houston) and they have a website if you are interested,

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