Monday, April 12, 2010

Dogmatic Does It Right

Not long ago I happened upon this lovely little restaurant called Dogmatic on 26 E 17th St while out searching for something quick to eat. I don't know if I would actually call it a restaurant, its more like a rest stop, but that's no biggie. With so many choices in the Union Square area it certainly would be easy to miss this little joint especially with the hiddeous scaffolding blocking their entrance. No matter, once found it is truely a delight. A warm atmosphere with a great decor, Dogmatic offers up gourmet sausages in their deliciously unique buns accompanied by tasty sides and their own freshly made soda's. So far I have tried three of the sausages: Lamb, Pork and Beef, and all have been very good. There are also lots of sauce choices that they squeeze into the buns as well, like horseraddish mustard or jalapeno cheddar (the only two I have tried) and I am looking forward to trying the others. They also offer several choices of sides of which I have only had the cole slaw and it was good as well. What really stands out to me and will keep me coming back is the bun, actually a mini baguette, as this really sets this establishment apart. I am a bread fanatic so I put alot of importance in this area and these buns really deliver. Dogmatic has a great website ( that you should check out where it offers up alot of great info about how their eats are prepared or grown in some cases, and where you can see the full menu. So the next time you find yourself in Union Square hankering for a bite to eat be sure and give Dogmatic a try, you'll thank me.

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