Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nathan's Famous: Hot Dog History NYC Style

I've been going to Nathan's since like forever. My Dad used to take me and my sister to the one in Yonkers on Central Ave back when we would see him only on the weekends. It wasn't that often but when we did go it was extra special. Nathan's and New York, especially Coney Island, go hand in hand. Many years ago the governor of New York, Nelson D. Rockefeller, once stated that..."No man (or woman?) can hope to be elected in this state without being photographed eating a Nathan's famous hot dog." Thanks to Mike Bloomberg this tradition has continued but I am not sure Hillary Clinton has given one a try yet. Anyway the point of this blog is to talk about food, not poilitics, so I'll make it simple. I won't make any wild boasts about Nathan's being the best hot dog in New York, all I will say is that it's my favorite mainly because it reminds me of my childhood. Not that it was an overly happy one but little things like going to Nathan's on a Sunday afternoon with my Dad and my sister make me think it wasn't all that bad. Now getting down to the nitty gritty I like mine with mustard, sometimes with sauerkraut, but never with ketchup. Personally I think ketchup on a dog is a sin and boo to me if that's the way you like it, but remember this is my blog. There's nothing like the snap you get when you bite into one of Nathan's Famous even after all these years. I really love the flavor better than any others, it stands out all on it's own and in my opinion doesn't need anything on it. That's why I always find it fascinating when I see heaps of condiments overloaded onto someone's hot dog, it's like their eating the extras and not the actual dog. That goes for pizza too in case you were wondering. Unfortunately I have never been to the original shop in Coney Island, a crime of epic proportions I know. However this year I have plans on attending the July 4th Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest with my family. And no I don't plan on competing, that's just gross. I will take lots of photo's and post them here after the event so you'll all know I was actually there and who knows maybe the dogs on Coney Island taste even better than the ones in Yonkers. Stay tuned.

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