Monday, August 27, 2012

The Best Sandwich Shop In NYC Is John's Deli In Brooklyn According To The Daily News

Oh brother, look at that Roast Beef, it's rare and just the way it's supposed to be...

There's nothing like a really good sandwich to make me salivate on a rainy Monday morning. John's Deli on Stillwell Avenue in Bensonhurst has been rated as NYC's best sandwich shop by the Daily News, in fact Brooklyn held the top three spots. John's has been making delicious sandwiches since 1968 and the "Best Hero in Brooklyn, the Hot Roast Beef with Mutz and Gravy," has been at the forefront.

For a mere $7.75 you get amazingly thin sliced Roast Beef, pink in the middle, with two large pieces of Mozzarella, Caramelized Onions and their famous Gravy which is what keeps people coming back for more. Every morning the shop slow-roasts it's beef to perfection, leaving the middle sublimely rare, making it super tender and juicy. If it isn't pink the flavor is gone, so when you buy sliced Roast Beef at a store make sure it's got some color. Seriously though the secret to this wondrous sandwich is the Gravy and if you want to know the recipe you're out of luck so don't even ask.

These old deli sandwich shops are a treasure to behold in a City where things are changing at a breakneck pace. Thankfully Brooklyn is loaded with them and it's up to all of us to continue their glorious tradition. So get out there and find these gems of a time gone by to enjoy delicious sandwiches that you can't get at Panera Bread!

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"Thank You, Subway!" (PS, you'll have to visit their website to find out what that means)

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