Friday, August 17, 2012

McDonalds To Start Serving Breakfast At Midnight

It's 2:00 in the morning and you've just left the club after listening to three hours of ear busting music from your favorite band. Head ringing aside, your tummy feels a bit empty and is not willing to wait until you get home after your one hour subway ride back to Brooklyn. Suddenly you spot the gleaming golden arches on 10th Avenue that are telling you to come inside and eat a delicious Big Mac, but that's not what you are hungry for. Your tummy is telling you that it would love some Pancakes with Sausage and a Hash Brown. Oooh or an Egg McMuffin and it's wonderful circle Eggs, but you know they don't serve breakfast until the morning, right? Or do they...
Apparently someone finally got the memo and McDonald's will start serving all their breakfast items at midnight at all of their 24 hr locations. Smart move I'd say. Honestly though, why not sell breakfast 24/7? People love eating breakfast for dinner and to me it just makes sense. Anyway this is McDonald's attempt to jolt some life into the after hours business from 2AM to 5AM, which usually tends to be very slow. However they will be the first in the fast food chain industry to try their hand at it all across the country. Not that other places don't already do this. Jack in the Box already offers their entire menu 24/7, but this move will certainly be significant because McDonald's is nationwide, Jack in the Box is not.
So whether you like it or not, how often will you be awake at those hours anyway? For some pretty often, for me not so basically I really don't care. Of course because it's McDonald's it's a story...

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