Friday, August 17, 2012

Here Comes Another Food Truck Rally In Prospect Park!

Yup...this Sunday, August 19th in Prospect Park is another chance for everyone to join in on the fun at another Food Truck Rally. I went to the last one and man was it delicious, so I'm telling you that you have to go. Not only will you have the choice of some of the best food in the entire city, you will also be in one of it's really beautiful parts. Grand Army Plaza is truly a wonder to see if you've never been and just imagine that you'll be standing there with some amazing food all around!

Unfortunately for me I will not be in the City to enjoy such things. It is a shame I know but that just leaves a whole bunch more food for all of you fine folks out there....or all three of you that read my blog. Anyway click the link below to get some more specific information from the folks who are bringing it to you:

If you plan to head out to Brooklyn for the Rally please enjoy and take some pictures of your visit, it's always great to remember the good times plus a little extra press for the Rally couldn't hurt...

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