Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eddie's Pizza In A Fight Over Entourage???

Man I miss Entourage. The show ending it's run on HBO has really left a void in my life and no matter how many times I watch the DVD's it's still not the same. Thankfully I have just heard that the creator, Doug Ellin, has started writing a script for what could possibly be the motion picture version of the show. However until then I will just have to deal with the news that Entourage is part of a lawsuit in Long Island...over pizza. Really? Apparently Eddie's Pizza was featured in an episode where the boys have a few pies flown to LA because they feel there is no good pizza there. Soon after Eddie's Pizza became well known for their signature 'Bar Pies' and now are really pissed that other Pizza joints are using what they believe to be their registered trademark.

One of the Pizzerias involved has already agreed to remove the name 'Bar Pie' from their menu even though they think it's silly. They believe the term is a style of Pizza that has been made for over a hundred years and no one should have a claim to it.

Maybe it's time Ari Gold got involved. He could broker a truce by offering the other Pizzeria joints a role in one of his movies. Oh wait, he's not real. He just the actor Jeremy Piven who only eats Sushi and gets mercury poison so he can't do his Broadway play, maybe we'll leave him out of it.

This has happened before. Men in Black 2 (as in 2 too many) used Ben's Pizza in SoHo to film an early scene in the movie. This caused great interest in the Pizza Parlor and to this day the poster for MIB2 is still in their window. Of course other Pizza places claimed to be Ben's, just like the once common Ray's Pizza of NYC, another Ben's opened up claiming to be better than the original.

Can't we all just get along? I'm sure cooler heads will prevail, even in a serious business like Pizza and all will realize that they can exist together. Bottom line? If the Pizza is good people will eat it no matter what it's called...

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